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Dear John: I Love You

It hurts to see him lying in the hospital bed. One image I never wanted to be real other than just reading or singing it between the lines of an MCR song. I couldn’t bear seeing him twinge in pain, or shudder in the cold and could not even pull the blanket to cover his body. He could not even wear a decent pony tail. I loved his hair. It’s probably my third most favorite part of him. And now his hair is just plain rigid and heavy, saggy from dirt. I’d still want to brush my fingers through it so I could see his pretty face. His face now wore pain agony and devastation. I tried to look for a trace of smile, seemingly impossible. I want to kiss him, kiss him and feel him burn. But I could not, or it might hurt him and make him bleed. He was very sick, and he was in pain. His pain is mine. I’ll die ten times when he’s hurt. I’d die for him and make him live. I can’t believe just how much I love this man. I need him beside me, still or moving as long as he breathes and lives for me..
Get well soon my love..