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In the dark

I was busy taking in calls last night
Texting with my boyfriend
Munching on some chips and hany choco

When my cellphone rang a bit and died

I checked out the number that registered. It was unfamiliar. Who would ring me at 12 midnight? To answer that vaguely, I got a text message from the same number that called me up.

“What do I have to do to steal you away from your guy? Or is that even possible? 😉 ” …it read. I felt stunned for a moment ad froze. What the hell..

My phone vibrated within my hands. It was ringing again. But I could not somehow discern why my ringtone was singing a different tune. I stared at it, looking fazed as the call continued. I never answered.

1 message

“Doll, why didn’t you answer my call? I’m not going to hurt you.”

1 message

“My precious Rose, why can’t I take you out of my mind you fucker.”

1 message

“I love you so much. I wonder how you managed to keep your values intact. I will be thinking of you the entire night. You go home safely in the morning. :)”

My phone died at past 2pm. I slept uneasily. I nudged on my friend to go home with me after the shift. I erased all of his messages and missed calls. I needed to think I was dreaming.



When some take their blades onto

Their children, and flee away a

Redeemer, or a sane less man and

Corrupted, from sidewalk Asylums.

Dare not breathe for me, I shall

Damn that mercy. For never shall

I be sorry, for my crimes and misery.


But amidst it all, how could you bleed

For me? For I care not nor think about

It. So pierce your eyes and kiss me

Now, and lay eternal on your

Hospital bed. Because the bleeding

Begins about now.


Let us toast for the hell that I am in.

For the angels, and the demons and for the

Vampires that I’ve been. Let us toast

For tyranny, no remorse of apathy.

There is no road that I’m going,

That I have never been.



Does anybody care to see what’s going on with the world..? We kill in order to stay alive. And people breathe in order to bleed for the salvation of evil..

Mi Juvie Artiste

here are some of my artworks in DA. Most of these pieces are under the Photo Manipulation category.





I’m ubber fond of taking photos. I would’ve posted more if i still have my usb huhu

anyway..comments anyone?

thanks much