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Broken Summer

I’ve been waiting for his call, for his messages. It’s been Saturday when he did, and it’s already another Saturday. Well, it is Saturday morning, it’s only 7:40am. morning, but morning will turn to noon, the noon then to dusk, then it’s night again. and i know, still he wouldn’t care. he doesn’t care. he used to care about me. that’s why i like him, that’s why i love him. i told him i love him. i told him to react, he didn’t. that was a long time ago. he called after two months. he didn’t say anything about it that i had to bring it up again. it was a serious thing to talk about. love is a serious thing. and he hates serious stuff. i hated it too but i love him so i had to be serious. he should be too. but since he hates it, the serious became a joke. and we ended there, we ended where we had actually started..jokin around. foolin and bummin and laughin out loud till we drop and still joke about the most nonsensical people. now i’m the one who’s nonsensical, so he turns it into a joke..turns me into a joke.

i kept waiting for one message. a message that will never come. i know it won’t come. i won’t receive anything so i’m not gonna send anything to him either. i think its the right thing to do. coz only i get to do the things that men should do. so i wonder whether he’s really the man or i am. maybe i am, that’s why he doesn’t like me. coz i dont wear skirt or sexy tops or make up. i’m no dyke. if i was dyke, i’d like girls. i don’t. i’m tough and bitchy and i do what i want to do and the things i do always shock people and shut them up. like the way he shut up when i said i love you.

now it’s summer and it’s almost at its end. the piercing heat and freezing coldness will meet again. they always meet and chase each other. we were like that once. that’s why i envy summer and rain. but just like them too, summer loses the battle and rain begins to pour. He is rain, I am Summer and i am losing my battle now. he’s gonna pour down hard and strong and he’s not alone. tears of the rain come in millions, and when they pour, he’s gonna be with other raindrops. he’s gonna fall into the ground. he’s gonna fall with another raindrop and kiss the earth and in the cycle they will both turn into clouds and pour down again together. while Summer will return into the picture and be remembered a year after. sigh


Chopsuey – a threshold

It’s August 29th, 7:36 in the morning. I’m already here at the office, with two cute newly hired guys. I’m fighting against temptation and I’m not really good at this lol.

My period is killing me, I can’t take it anymore. What’s worse is my pimples. yet again, pimples jinx my life. though it makes my cheeks look flushed. that wasn’t a good thing, you know, commend the existence of pimples. and i don’t know why i’m even talking about pimples in the first place. ah the mirror. the horror of it.

I watched Ghost Whisperer last night, and it scared me out of my chicken skin. yeah, that episode about bloodymary? i’m the most vain girl on earth, and now i hate mirrors. she reminds of sadako/samara of the ring, only meaner. coz you know, she’ll rip of your face from the mirror. sadako doesn’t do that. come to think of it, she seems nice. at least she comes out of the television and takes you with her. you’ll still have your face intact. that’s the important thing see? ^_^

you know what chopseuy is? it’s a filipino dish made up of veggies and drowned in oyster sauce. it’s so delicious. here’s a pic hehe

I entitled this entry chopsuey coz its a pool of anything-goes in here. same with the taste, it goes with the mood i’m in. I’m bitter, sweet and sour. just for those who were asking. comments anyone? thanks much