Blue Eyes

I have always wondered how I would look like If I had blue eyes

I thought there would be strange feelings while wearing those stranger’s eyes on mine. I wondered how it would feel If I cried with those eyes..would I feel like an ultimately different person? Would I look like a doll just as other girls would have when they wear blue contacts? Would it do any better for my cosplays? I have no idea..


One melodious strum on his guitar

sang arduously in to my heart

and with the murderous faint of his voice,

my world seemed all in motion.

All else was a  squabble of noise

blending into the charcoaled air

His songs were etched of glasses,

cutting through thick mists of red rain.

I see his music swirling about my head,

ransacking another serenade’s stead;

endowing life to the ones that were dead

and the living all have gone to fled.

His gaze burns the veins under my skin

and bursts of a billion cries within.

every strand of my hair yearns for him

like my life siphoning out of my dream.

That dream where rockers and cosplayers

conquered, stripping me off my dress.

Stepping like a mile closer to his oblivion

They hail me Queen, chasing my Ascension.

Where he would be with the twilight

waiting for my Resurrection. And

we would sing and make love until the

breaking dawn kisses the dead of night.

Happy Happy reunion!!

It feels pretty good to reunite with special people and have an icy cold coffee during a fierce afternoon sun.

I indeed missed out a lot, like being happy with my friends, im gonna get back the old happy me once and for all. *smile* im gonna post some pix in here, took these yesterday at SM City San Lazaro, that’s Manila, Philippines for the unfamiliar =)

I haven’t seen in her for a year and a half. felt great to have spent half the day with her and just being all crazy that day. spent some time at Starbucks and went straight to the movies to watch THE KARATE KID which was so cool! It’s me in the green top and black pants by the way. And Nadia in the black dress

Broken Summer

I’ve been waiting for his call, for his messages. It’s been Saturday when he did, and it’s already another Saturday. Well, it is Saturday morning, it’s only 7:40am. morning, but morning will turn to noon, the noon then to dusk, then it’s night again. and i know, still he wouldn’t care. he doesn’t care. he used to care about me. that’s why i like him, that’s why i love him. i told him i love him. i told him to react, he didn’t. that was a long time ago. he called after two months. he didn’t say anything about it that i had to bring it up again. it was a serious thing to talk about. love is a serious thing. and he hates serious stuff. i hated it too but i love him so i had to be serious. he should be too. but since he hates it, the serious became a joke. and we ended there, we ended where we had actually started..jokin around. foolin and bummin and laughin out loud till we drop and still joke about the most nonsensical people. now i’m the one who’s nonsensical, so he turns it into a joke..turns me into a joke.

i kept waiting for one message. a message that will never come. i know it won’t come. i won’t receive anything so i’m not gonna send anything to him either. i think its the right thing to do. coz only i get to do the things that men should do. so i wonder whether he’s really the man or i am. maybe i am, that’s why he doesn’t like me. coz i dont wear skirt or sexy tops or make up. i’m no dyke. if i was dyke, i’d like girls. i don’t. i’m tough and bitchy and i do what i want to do and the things i do always shock people and shut them up. like the way he shut up when i said i love you.

now it’s summer and it’s almost at its end. the piercing heat and freezing coldness will meet again. they always meet and chase each other. we were like that once. that’s why i envy summer and rain. but just like them too, summer loses the battle and rain begins to pour. He is rain, I am Summer and i am losing my battle now. he’s gonna pour down hard and strong and he’s not alone. tears of the rain come in millions, and when they pour, he’s gonna be with other raindrops. he’s gonna fall into the ground. he’s gonna fall with another raindrop and kiss the earth and in the cycle they will both turn into clouds and pour down again together. while Summer will return into the picture and be remembered a year after. sigh


Mi Juvie Artiste

here are some of my artworks in DA. Most of these pieces are under the Photo Manipulation category.

I’m ubber fond of taking photos. I would’ve posted more if i still have my usb huhu

anyway..comments anyone?

thanks much

Deviant Artists

I have a DA account. if you care to add me up it’s if you just feel like dropping by and viewing my gallery, you’re most welcome. just give me hollah there too. anyway, i thought i should put up in my first blog entry my random faves in DA. im a photography geek, i wanna share these ubber cool art pieces with you guys. links are provided if you want to visit these Deviants’ sites too.


just click on the links for fuller views. there’s more to come. comment me your thoughts. thanks much!