My Intimate Portrait

I’m Rose Anne / R.A./Rane..whatever

turning heads since 12-13-1986

I’m an artist and definitely NOT frustrated.

I’m a/an:

  • singer (I had a college band named Hayden Saxony)
  • dancer (belonged to University Dance Troupe)
  • writer (award winning fiction writer)
  • painter (just a hobby)
  • anime illustrator (used to, when I was eleven)
  • actress (award winning too, but in school dramas only)
  • photographer (without a license, and without a camera)
  • cosplayer, loves anime more than all of these combined

My guiltiest pleasure is a tie. When it comes to music, it’s definitely by My Chemical Romance. I’ve been in trance since their first album..way way before the emo stereotype ever came into existence. Anime is also something I can never ever live without. I dreamed of marrying Usui Takumi or Light Yagami. *sigh*

I’m into fashion, gothic hardcore. But I’m a Catholic and I pray really hard.

If I’m not wearing black, i’d rather wear nothing.

I also loooove Toblerone White.

I’m a Literature graduate with a Cum Laude and I’ve been writing poems and stories my whole life.

I hated being criticized, it freaks me out. Not anymore though.

I hate Arachnids of all types so if you have three legs or more, stay the hell away from me.

this is meh:


4 thoughts on “My Intimate Portrait

  1. hello..
    saw your post in the forum and u asked all artists to stop in.. i did.. now i have a question..
    above you wrote a singer (in your college days), a dancer (in your college days), illustrator (when u were 11), actress (in school) and a photographer (without a camera) I got all that right? the painting is just a hobby and your writing seems to be the most and only real current thing in that list. i know I am sounding like a jerk, but i’m not being one actually. because I am an artist with loads of equiptment i dont use, a writer with continual writers block, a love for art, including photography but have never took a real pic outside of my camera phone.
    basically it is nice to meet you.

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