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Pretty Boys

I’m not certain if it’s just me, or I just find boys who look like, or are lovelier than girls, sexually magnetic. It does bother me a bit so I browsed through the web and found out that most women deem this insulting as it makes them feel less confident. I don’t know about that. I am loving Andrej Pejic now just as I loved the young Sebastian Bach. Come to think of it, the resemblance is quite astonishing. @____@


Which Android Phone should I get?!

My current phone is Alcatel OT-890D. I got it for a very affordable price and it’s Pink so I fell in love with it right away. However, after a few months, I grew tired of it and I want to get a new phone badly. Since my brother insists that he inherits the Alcatel phone, that saves me from the problem of what to do with it. As of this time, I’ve been browsing on youtube and watching video reviews of several android phones. The bigger problem now is which to buy? I have my eyes on HTC wildfire S, Alcatel OT-990, Sony Ericsson Live w/ walkman, LG Optimus Hub, Samsung Galaxy Y and still looking for more options. I don’t need a super high end phone. I’m fine with mid range android like 2.3.5 gingerbread, some decent sounding music player, capacitive touchscreen and nice resolution. Fast internet browsing as well of course. AND! should be pocket-friendly. Sigh. I’m going insane. Any suggestions? 😦

current phone:


Happy Birthday boyfriend!

I just got home from a whole day date with my boyfriend to celebrate his 23rd birthday. I was actually perplexed and amused to hear that he doesn’t really celebrate his birthday. Most likely due to the aging issues, same goes for everyone else I know. Well, with me around, no birthday will pass un-celebrated. I sincerely wish John enjoyed the rest of the day as much as I did. Though my feet, legs, back and practically my entire body is screaming agony from exhaustion. Every ounce of pain I feel now is definitely worth it. I feel the pressure now. The next birthday should be better and each year a lot different from the previous one. On a different note, there will be a hell lot of time to prepare for that.

As of this writing, I just read his text message which was sent 25 minutes ago. Oops :/ How cute of him to ask me if I enjoyed the day. Apparently, today was such a perfect day. It was so wonderful that recalling back makes me want to cry again. Again because I shed a few tears earlier coz of so much bliss. There were too many words to tell, swimming in my head, but I couldn’t get them out and they just fell down in tears. He has this talent to make me feel so many things at the same time. Many splendid feelings left unnamed, for all I care. What I care about was this man in front of me, telling me he loves me. Calling me his “best gift in the longest time”. How can I not fall in love with this man?

John and Anne ~

My boyfriend said he was reading my blog, this blog, last night and for the Nth time, told me he loved reading my posts, like he was being taken back in time. When our love story was young and sweet :p

Thinking back, I couldn’t imagine that in the next 5 months, we would already be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary. It never felt nor it occurred to me, that we have been together for a while now. Because everytime I see him, my heart flutters in a childish, frenzy beat that I have felt during our first few dates. The funny, goosebumpy thrills never ceased. The streaming of joyful tears will run about endlessly, at the mere thought of his face, his warm embraces and gentle kisses that I could almost feel, everyday, every night. And I am certain that it is here to stay.