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3 weeks ago, super typhoon pedring washed off our house. my home of nearly 25 years is now in ruins and still underneath about a foot-thick mud. our roof was a shredded piece of wood and steel on the floor, where our cream-colored vynil used to be. the 2 tv sets lay submerged on our ocean-house floor. on top of the tv sets sat our fridge. surrounded by broken glasses and twisted metals. our steel-screen door was nowhere. it must have been torn off the hedge, washed away by the tides and into the sea. it could have been found somewhere by the junkyard. clothes and shoes were all afloat. shoes can no longer be called a pair.
power’s off for almost month now. fusebox still dripping. there’s only still blackness against a now-sunny morning. our once home is no longer inhabitable. i hoped to have salvaged even my book collection. but there was nothing left except 4 walls..

what the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve for


my boyfriend and I watched REAL STEEL last Sunday and as expected, our money’s worth the movie. REAL STEEL is unlike any ordinary robot movie. though it didnt have gigantic alien robots nor spaceships nor megan fox, it certainly brought my robots- fan-girl self back. *transformers took it away* is definitely a must watch. i’ve felt surges of all kinds of emotions: thrill, anger, fear, fun, sadness, triumph, nostalgia. i was on my feet the entire time, swinging my fists in the air, trying to hit an invisible Zeus! i highly recommend REAL STEEL. for kids, families, boxing fans alike!

what the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve for