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THE Photoshop :)

Okay, so I asked my brother to install Photoshop CS3 about a couple of months ago. I tried to explore the tools and made fun of every photo I could feast my eyes on. Unfortunately, the technical terms appeared like Dutch characters floating in my head. I didnt understand a thing. I only learned how to splash color against black and white. and that was that. I planned to learn more since I wanted to infuse more life and sense to my cosplay photos like the other cosplayers. It seemed so cool, looking very much alike the anime characters I portray. Luckily, a good friend of mine was endowed with artistic skills and (patience) to come up with a really, I must say, amazingly edited products of one of my cosplay series. Hope you like them too:

Maggie Lising Masterpiece

Maggie_Lising Masterpiece