Okay, I’ve done it. We’ve done it. After exactly 6 months. We’ve ventured into the higher level and it was not as easy as I thought. Well I really didn’t think it was easy. But I also didn’t think it was THAT hard!
I asked questions, sought for advice here and there, from people I thought might help me and give me some sense. I thought I’ve collated sufficient information to at least help me prepare for the big event. I was sooo wrong.
I knew it would hurt. They said it would be tolerable. I’m not invincible to pain, but it wouldn’t freak me out right off. I can endure, yes, definitely. He told me to inhale when he comes in. Okay, I did. and I didn’t want to breathe out when I swallowed a huge gallop of air when he entered me and gasp!
It was horrible! The pain was excruciating! I cringed and cried and screamed and cried again. It unbelievably hurt. Perhaps the worst physical pain I’ve ever felt so far. I felt I was being torn in half.
The horror died when he got in, and damn, I can feel how big he was inside me.
Was this my fault for keeping myself shut for the last 24 years?

ooh, really..the horror of it..

and I’d like to try another one :p


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