My legs are presently suffering from cramps and are hideously designed with blue and violet blotches from the outrageous trek my boyfriend and I had yesterday at their hometown in San Mateo, Rizal. Despite having only 3 hours of sleep for the day strangely enough, I felt the energy reverberating within my veins.

First stop, at their house. We recorded my first ever cover of Honestly by Haren Scarem. My first record actually. I can sing, hell yes I can but I sucked big time with that record. Thinking I was even giving constructive criticisms to my boyfriend with his own rendition of the same song. Now he was laughing at me! xD
It was fun. It felt like a huge devastation on my end though that we didn’t record another track anymore hehe

We went to my boyfriend’s backyard falls, Villa Anita, so to speak. and it was located at, well, in their backyard! It was pretty amazing, and daunting! Moreso it rained. The rocky path was all muddied and slippery, I was too careful choosing to land on flatter surfaces but I still tumbled a few times while thinking “Oh Lord, don’t let me die” xD

Iit was breathtaking down there. I seriously loved the greens, the mosses and the chocolate mud drizzling along the edges of the giant rocks. The scent of the water flowing and down into the falls. It was the perfect spot to captivate the beauty of the moment.

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