In the dark

I was busy taking in calls last night
Texting with my boyfriend
Munching on some chips and hany choco

When my cellphone rang a bit and died

I checked out the number that registered. It was unfamiliar. Who would ring me at 12 midnight? To answer that vaguely, I got a text message from the same number that called me up.

“What do I have to do to steal you away from your guy? Or is that even possible? 😉 ” …it read. I felt stunned for a moment ad froze. What the hell..

My phone vibrated within my hands. It was ringing again. But I could not somehow discern why my ringtone was singing a different tune. I stared at it, looking fazed as the call continued. I never answered.

1 message

“Doll, why didn’t you answer my call? I’m not going to hurt you.”

1 message

“My precious Rose, why can’t I take you out of my mind you fucker.”

1 message

“I love you so much. I wonder how you managed to keep your values intact. I will be thinking of you the entire night. You go home safely in the morning. :)”

My phone died at past 2pm. I slept uneasily. I nudged on my friend to go home with me after the shift. I erased all of his messages and missed calls. I needed to think I was dreaming.

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