Dear Diary…Chopsuey I

I am quite happy that he’s better now, and will be back home today. I can’t wait to go out with him again, to his gigs, to my cosplay events..and our own events. PH!!!


I couldn’t discern the massive pulsing excitement of seeing him and having to kiss him again yesterday. It seemed so long. I loved the way I moistened his chapped lips. The way he pulled my body too tight against his own like he was trying to fill out all the barren spaces in between us. I love him very very much.


Everytime I think about his face, my heart wants to blast out of my chest. I couldn’t seem to wipe a silly grin away from my face. It feels so young and cheezy and I’m loving it.


One friend asked me, “Is he the one?” which left me blank. She asked me again and I just shrugged.

“How am I supposed to know?” I snapped. “I do love him. But are present emotions sufficient parameters to reach a hasty generalization that HE IS THE ONE? frankly speaking, I am clueless.”

She stared at me with a void face.

“But I do hope he’s the one” I whispered, and felt a little smile on my pursed lips.


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