Change of Heart

Earlier this morning, as I was on my way home from a graveyard shift, I was startled by the loud message alert tone of my mobile phone. I’ve forgotten to turn it off and it kinda ruined my sleepyhead mood.

I turned up to see who it was from and did not believe my eyes. It was from an ex boyfriend, err well not really ex boyfriend. Maybe a former boy toy? I dont know. We went out on and off for two years. I’d say I was so much into him, although we both had commitments back then. We’d sneak out from our partners and go watch a movie or just hang out and have fun, flirt and all. We cooled it off for a while and I haven’t heard anything from him for a long time.

He was this guy that I thought I could never learn to ignore. He was my number one temptation. He made me do unwanted and unfaithful things.  Seeing his name in my inbox gave me intense feelings of thrill.

I read the message. He was saying good morning and asking me how I was doing.
A couple of downward scrolls read “I miss you”

I paused for a moment and smiled. My boyfriend’s face popped into my imagination. I miss him very much.
I pressed the erase button, tossed back my cellphone into my bag and continued sleeping.

3 thoughts on “Change of Heart

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