cum laude: ang talumpati.. bow

Yay! after 2 whole years, i was finally able to access my FS account again. Oh how the memories kept coming back! I read my blog entries and found this one. I recall the super shitty speech for my college graduation. Tadah!

Posted on March 9, 2008 by gothica-eternia.

March tenth, 9:25 am

im counting the remaining days..

25 effin more to go and wooosh!

goodbye dear old freedom park, farewell oh glorious chapel, dusty IAS pavements and denuded Science Buildings..fare thee well beloved retarded academic family and healthy f**kin comrades. goodbye your highness : the ever english speaking tyrant and goodbye madame tycoon who adored my writing but adjudged me first honorable and left me heart broken and stupefied, goodbye yummy varsities and sexy cheerdancers, goodbye epal reliance men who religiously sweep the dust in front of my karekare lunch everyday, goodbye belligerent old sales men in the coop, farewell dear nursing students who steal our rooms during our own classhours. goodbye to everybody who’s been dropped on my list. im too despressed to think.

we shall meet again..if ever you ever and ever reach your fourth year lol i beg your pardon for the ultimate maximizing my imperfections.

i am most willing to transgress the law ive generated myself during the last four years. after all these, i shall once again, enroll in an institute in which i shall develop my socio-individual growth and gradually adapt to a foreign culture until i wholly absorb into the reality of being a bona fide care giver.

thank you my dearest alma mater that honed me to this crap i am now. i shally carry your name to the mainstream corporate society and show them all what shit i can do for the prosperity of this damned country.

*cries a little and wipes tears*

i cant believe its all over. i first walked in appearing to be a stray woodsgirl in the heart of the metropolis, all naive and dumb, scared to talk to anybody. i remember i was with my auntie, she accompanied me yeah..coz i might get lost and never come back home to mommy. i met all kinds and sorts and types and classes (did they make any difference at all?) of people. sons and daughters of politicians, primordial beasts and koreans and africans and americans and vampires and literally, just all creatures of the world. i was coersed, since then, to explore and discover my individuality and to which social group i shall be most freely accepted. it was an effin task but with much effort, i have seen these through. i had laughed and cried, fallen in love and been hurt for the hundredth time, been rejected, been applauded, been admired, been recognized and been rewarded and blah blah ive been everywhere, ive done everything. self fulfillment is attained and i am ready to step out into the real world.

i am selling myself.

free for the first month : yes! no VAT! fingers are frozen and so is my brain. chiao!

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