i woke up at around past 8am..checked out on my mobile phone and viewed 4 unread messages. 2 of these came from ex. i read it like three times, my head was still hazy that minute. after the third time, it came to me. he’s in the hospital..again. *sigh” should i go? i’m not too sure if that was the right thing to do, i mean, i was also confined in the hospital for like half a month and he was there beside me all the time. that was last year, when i was still in love with him.

now its his turn to lay in the hospital bed. he texted me, perhaps with high hopes that i would drop by and take care of him. well, i wanted to. but my mom told me to let him be. after all, it was just meant to move me so that i we could get back together. something i wouldn’t do, not anymore. if he was attacking my conscience, its effective. but i’m totally clueless. what should i do? am i not really supposed to be there? true we just broke up, that was just three days ago. am i still committed to him somehow? *sigh* whatever could i do?

i am confised..really now


4 thoughts on “guilty..un-pleasure

  1. your mom’s right.. sometimes you have to let people be on their own so that solitude gives them a chance to ponder over their faults and mistakes done in the past. I can understand how confused you may be that time, but trust me, she’s your mom, and she could understand you better than your ownself.

  2. i think ur mom is right because she is a mther n as far as my believe that if our mom says sumthing so they had passed their life n they came across many thing in their life n dun get confused
    if u r worried about him so pray to god every thing will be okay

  3. My niece was intrigued when reading this line on your blog “… right thing to do, i mean, i was also confined in the hospital for like half a month and he was there …” it also made me recall about the day I came across my husband.

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