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i woke up at around past 8am..checked out on my mobile phone and viewed 4 unread messages. 2 of these came from ex. i read it like three times, my head was still hazy that minute. after the third time, it came to me. he’s in the hospital..again. *sigh” should i go? i’m not too sure if that was the right thing to do, i mean, i was also confined in the hospital for like half a month and he was there beside me all the time. that was last year, when i was still in love with him.

now its his turn to lay in the hospital bed. he texted me, perhaps with high hopes that i would drop by and take care of him. well, i wanted to. but my mom told me to let him be. after all, it was just meant to move me so that i we could get back together. something i wouldn’t do, not anymore. if he was attacking my conscience, its effective. but i’m totally clueless. what should i do? am i not really supposed to be there? true we just broke up, that was just three days ago. am i still committed to him somehow? *sigh* whatever could i do?

i am confised..really now

New Friend

i love wordpress haha
just made a new girl friend shaggy
and now we’re chatting like good old friends..and three hours apart at that lol


not even after three days when i broke up with ex..(err, lets call the ex-boyfriend just ex hehe), came along some photo comments on my facebook albums. i just realized that there were guys actually who were..err..appreciating me, while i was too pre-occupied with ex. and they’re suddenly all coming out upon changing my relationship status from “in a relationship with” “single”.


its a nice feeling

i suddenly felt highschool-ish


Happy Happy reunion!!

It feels pretty good to reunite with special people and have an icy cold coffee during a fierce afternoon sun.

I indeed missed out a lot, like being happy with my friends, im gonna get back the old happy me once and for all. *smile* im gonna post some pix in here, took these yesterday at SM City San Lazaro, that’s Manila, Philippines for the unfamiliar =)

I haven’t seen in her for a year and a half. felt great to have spent half the day with her and just being all crazy that day. spent some time at Starbucks and went straight to the movies to watch THE KARATE KID which was so cool! It’s me in the green top and black pants by the way. And Nadia in the black dress